Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Samoo Architects and Engineers' City Hall completes metropolis of Seongnam

Seongnam city was the first city planned for Korea and it has grown into a metropolis of 1 million residents. To represent the importance of the city and reflect the cosmopolitan nature, the city called for the design of a new City Hall to house its government, now complete.

Designed by SAMOO Architects & Engineers in collaboration with KMD Architects, the new government building, including its assembly, is not only the centre but also the new landmark of Seongnam encompassing three urban quarters: old downtown, Bundang and Pangyo. It seeks to be an open government office, an eco-friendly government office, and a forward-looking government office.

The ‘Sky Wing’ shape of the 9 storey building (with two basements) provides a sculpture-like architecture in the middle of a park delivering a suitable icon that matches Seongnam’s dynamism. The folding and layering of the facades creates dynamic images. The formative mass that contrasts with the wider green space in the surroundings is emptied at the lower floor to offer more public place to citizens, letting them interact with the building from all angles. The interior was planned with various indoor gardens as well as the atrium and the courtyard to provide a pleasant working environment.

The new building also establishes wireless LAN across the region, and applies cutting edge sustainable solutions such as cool tube systems to make the governmental building a beacon of modernity for the entire region.


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