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Amazing houses made from recycled plastic bottles

houses made from recycled bottles

Whenever we think of a shelter, from construction to habitation, we crave to beautify it with the best we have at our disposal. Since most of us have neither the resources nor funds to realize our aspirations, why don’t we utilize the superfluous scraps? I am talking about the items that we generally consider as trash: more specifically, the plastic bottles. Using them constructively, eco-creators have fashioned certain eco-homes that simply defy the limits of affordable and sustainable housing. Here we have listed some of them, marvelously made abodes –miracles of recycling – that you would sure love to inhabit:

• Eco-tec’s casa ecológica (Ecological House)

casa ecologica 1

Using some 8,000 PET bottles, EcoTec created the casa ecológica constructed in Honduras. A “living roof” (green roof) made from sod and turf ‘insulates the house better than conventional roofs.’ Weighing 30 metric tons when wet, the 102 square meter (m2) living roof of the casa ecológica has PET bottle walls to support the weight.

casa ecologica 3

casa ecologica 2

New Schoolhouse in Guatemala built from 6,000 plastic bottles

granados orange schoolhouse1_l2ocv_24429

Reutilization of as many as 6,000 plastic bottles has resulted into an innovative school in Guatemala. Peace Corps volunteer Laura Kutner used plastic trash as construction material and filled the bottles with plastic grocery bags, chip bags, and other waste. Truly Inspiring and innovative, to say the least!

granados orange schoolhouse2_d5h29_24429

granados orange schoolhouse3_zqz73_24429

Mexican House made from plastic and glass bottles

mexican house made from plastic bottles

mexican house made from plastic bottles 2

mexican house made from plastic bottles 3

Serbian House take in 13,500 of them, seeks a place in the Guinness Book of Records

serbian house made from plastic bottles 1

Tomislav Radovanovic, a Serbian mathematics professor from the central town of Kragujevac, has created this 60sq meter house. Working for five long years, Radovanovic made use of plastic bottles for the larger part of the construction –‘only the foundation of the property is concrete.’

serbian house made from plastic bottles 2

• Argentine constructs amazing house from 1200 PET bottles, 1300 Tetra Pack cartons

argentine house made of plastic bottles 1

Alfredo Santa Cruz sought his family’s constructive support to make his dream home. Not satisfied yet with the outcome, he offers ‘free courses about construction with recovered materials (asking only for travel expenses and a place to stay)’ so that others could follow what he had executed to perfection.

argentine house made of plastic bottles 2

argentine house made of plastic bottles 3

Bottle House at Seattle’s Music and Art Festival

bottle house ny 1

A translucent sun dome made from hundreds of empty recycled bottles is a proof positive of artist Jasmine Zimmerman’s inventiveness. Not exactly a home, the sun dome will grow vegetation. Once the festival nears its conclusion, the eco-home would travel to various places.

bottle house ny 2

• 25,000 plastic bottles re-purposed to make Bolivian bottle house

bolivian bottle house

Some young environmental activists in Bolivia collected about 25,000 plastic bottles and built a home out of them in six months time. Filling the bottles with sand and reinforcing it with steel and cement, they created strong walls. The first of the ‘bottle houses’ was completed in Warnes, in the eastern province of Santa Cruz. The fanatical group plans to build ten more houses.



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