Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The 'Ark' Eco Building of the Future

The housing of the future as envisioned by Russian architect Alexander Remizov could be constructed quickly, withstand environmental disasters, and house 10,000 people at a time. Not bad if you don't mind living in a place that looks eerily similar to a hamster Habitrail. The eco-friendly dome, 'The Ark,' is designed to withstand biblical flood levels and can be built on land or sea.

Ark would be built with pre-fab frame

The Ark would be built with a pre-fab frame made from timber, steel, and high-strength ETFE plastic instead of glass. The foil is recyclable, self-cleaning, lighter, more durable and more economic than glass. The multi-use material is also set up to collect solar rays and rainwater from the roof's surface.

Clear roof allows for plants to grow inside

The Ark can be built to float on water, and can withstand rising tides and floods of biblical proportion.

The basic building starts as a tube-like shape

Then the framework of steel cables is added. The housing can also be constructed in earthquake zones. Its structure of ropes and arches distributes stress from temblors across the building.

For the Ark designed to float, half the building sits underwater.

The building is self-sufficient: The basement can store wind, thermal, and solar energy for up to six months, which can then turn into electricity.

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